Monday, May 7, 2007

A day in the life of...

First thing in the morning, I wake up wearing my sleep sack:

I am usually very happy first thing in the morning!

Then, I sit in my bouncy chair while Mama showers. I like to chew on my toy turtle while Mama sings to me.

I have several diaper changes during the day... Mama only took this one picture though.

I play with my rings for a little bit. I often will do this several times per day, too, but there's just this one picture.

I'm usually not happy about tummy time but I tolerate it a lot better more recently. Sometimes I even smile!

We read a book. I have lots of books, but this is one of my favorites.

I practice standing. Mama usually has both hands under my armpits or holds both my hands but she wasn't able to take a picture that way, so she had to represent it this way. ;)

I swing while Mama makes her breakfast.

I might lay on the floor to watch Mama put my diapers in the washing machine or dryer, if I'm in a good mood. Mama might have to hold me and try to do diapers one-handed if not. Diapers are usually washed every other day.

I eat. This happens several times throughout the day, but Mama only took a picture this time. I like to hold things, like Mama's shirt or her fingers, while I nurse.

During the day, most of the time I fall asleep after nursing even if just for a few minutes. I usually will have 2-3 longer (hour or so) naps.

If I'm ever grumpy, a nice bounce on the ball usually calms me immediately. Mama couldn't get the ball and us in the picture at the same time, so you just have to trust me - we're bouncing!

I see my kitty!

We read another book.

I like to chew Mama's fingers.

Mama does "This Little Piggy," which always makes me smile and sometimes giggle. Also, Mama sings me songs. Usually these each happen several times daily.

I like to play with, and often chew on, my toy.

These are our neighbors: Allegra and her mama Emily, and their dog Omar. We take a walk with them many weekdays.

Here we are about to walk with our neighbors.

We also like to walk to meet Daddy as he comes home from work. He's coming! Mama is telling me that he is coming towards us. I am happy!

Oh yay, we are together at last. I missed Daddy while he was at work.

I love to be with Daddy now that he's home.

I am in my swing again while my parents make/eat dinner... if I am content. If not, one or the other will hold me or take turns.

After Mama feeds me and I fall asleep, I go to bed in my crib.

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