Thursday, October 25, 2007

Info about Joey =)

I wanted to share also that Joey is now eating cooked apples and potato and sometimes seems to enjoy both. He is teething right now: he's working on FOUR teeth on the top. Two have broken through, one shows a speck of white, and the fourth is clearly outlined right under the gum but hasn't broken through yet. These are the top middle four teeth. Since teething, he seems less interested in both eating and sleeping, unfortunately. =/

He has learned to turn on and off lightswitches, and is very excited to try to practice at it whenever we're holding him and he sees one nearby.

He's become much more adept at picking up food to feed himself and is perfecting the pincer grasp. He can pick up peas, beans (pinto), and O-shaped cereal.

He also has seemed to be pointing a little bit more lately.

Besides the grumpiness associated with teething, Joey is a very good-natured, sweet little guy, and very loving. John and I still get kisses from time to time, and lots of hugs. He likes to be in Mama's arms almost all the time, but will reach towards people whom he'd like to be held by (including Daddy, and Aunt Chloe when she was here).

Joey's Granddad is coming to visit today, and I'm sure in the next week or so there will be some pictures posted!

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