Sunday, October 7, 2007

Joey's two latest new foods are pinto beans (enthusiastically received!) and mango (also he's very happy to eat mango!)

He has two teeth coming in - the center right tooth on top and the tooth to the right of it. Poor little guy has had some cranky times and trouble with sleeping. Teething tablets seem to help, as do frozen teether toys.

In between teething, he's a very cheerful, curious, loving little guy. It's so neat as he gets older to see his personality emerging - and I love him, and who he is, more every day.

Here are some recent pictures:

The aftermath of black beans and mango:

Just a little cutie in overalls:

The two bottom teeth are close to all the way in:

Cute outfit:

Some bathtime fun hair pictures:

And finally, a video of Joey playing, crawling, and chattering from a few days ago:
(please excuse the mess; it had been a full morning of playing already and in the video you'll see why it looked the way it did)

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