Monday, February 11, 2008

Some pictures and an update

These are pictures that I attempted to capture the curliness of my gorgeous little boy's hair:

Looking out the window: one of his favorite things to do. He stands on the bed and looks out starting the second he wakes in the morning.

Happy baby! Yay window-looking!

His hair is by far the curliest after a bath when we wash his hair. This picture also showcases his favorite after-bath ritual: turning off the lights (repeatedly if we allow)

Random recent Joey facts:

* He has started enjoying shredded cheddar cheese and yogurt. He also has had a few bites of chicken, some carnitas pork, and even a few bites of fish that he doesn't always spit out. He also ate some coconut curry on rice with red and green peppers and onions recently and really enjoyed it, and seems to like onion rings, raisin toast, and pizza.

* He looooooves to walk pushing something, and has taken one or two steps a handful of times before immediately sitting (while holding nothing)

* It'd been a few weeks since he offered us any Joey-style kisses, so this morning, I asked him "Joey, can Mama have a kiss?" and made kissy-lips at him, then pulled his face close to mine and kissed him. He kind of giggled, and when I asked him after that, he brought his face close to mine to give/receive his kiss. =) AWWW!! John was able to get him to give Daddy kisses, too. =)

* He is very, very definite about WANT! (cries/wails angry/frustrated tears when a sought-after object is taken away) and DON'T WANT! (especially about food: shakes head, purses lips, often says "No.") He seems recently to have associated "no" also with "not ok [for Joey to do]" because John told him not to mess with the wastebasket, saying, "No," and Joey looked up at John, shook his head, and then crawled away from it!

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Lara said...

awww, kisses! what a cutie. :)