Monday, July 7, 2008

New words and understanding

Yesterday, I asked Joey to put down the tupperware he was playing with, close the cupboards, and go over to his highchair to eat, and he did all three things, and I was amazed at his comprehension!

He knows how to go find and bring to you most of his toys and books if he is asked for them. He knows where most of his body parts are. He knows and can say the sounds that these animals make:
* cow
* sheep
* dog
* cat
* snake
* monkey (sometimes)
* duck
* horse
* pig (he pulls our faces to his neck to make the snorting noise there)
* fish (open/closing his mouth)
* bunny (similar to fish)

He can say these words and knows what they mean:
* go
* car
* corn
* peas
* eye
* NO
* mama (lately, he says "baba")
* dada
* cat
* dog
* duck
* bird
* girl
* boy
* baby
* pee
* poo
* ball
* box
* block
* bus
* eat
* bite
* piece
* beach
* park
* hot
* up
* hi
* bye
* Joey (!!) (it often sounds like "Dobee" but sometimes he says what really sounds like "Joey" and when he says this he points at himself and grins)

He can also communicate things he can't say:
* what's that (he says "ba?" and we know that's what he means)
* I want that/give me that (he says "eh?" and points, and we know that's what he means)
* milk (he makes the sign)
* all done (he makes the sign)
* pick me up (reaching, climbing up/pulling on our legs, trying to climb out of his highchair)
* don't set me down! (he curls/clenches his legs)
* wanting to see/point at garbage trucks and airplanes he hears

He is starting to imitate, sometimes with words. For example, I heard him say "mole," though I don't think he knew what it meant.

He communicates more all the time and it's very exciting to hear his sweet voice and to understand him better!

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