Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Long overdue photo post : Disneyland!

My parents, my sister, and Joey and John and I went to Disneyland in early October. Here are some pictures!

At Cinderella's castle

Joey & John on the teacups. Joey loved it!

About to ride on Peter Pan's ride

On Dumbo with Daddy

Holding hands walking through the line to Haunted Mansion with Daddy and Granddad

Taking a nap with Mama

Continuing to sleep with Daddy

On the Merry-go-round

Joey with his parents and Aunt Chloe in Tomorrowland

caption typed by Granddad: "Joey and I both got necklaces at a New Orleans Square musical performance. Joey's was a gift from a performer. I caught mine as it was thrown out into the audience."

Joey went back to Disneyland two more days with his Aunt Chloe, Granddad, and Xanna.

One of Joey's favorite things to say is "Aunt Chloe" (it sounds a little like "Ann Kowie")

Joey walking with his Granddad and Xanna

Sleeping on his Granddad's shoulder

caption from Granddad: "Joey wanted to stop and watch this fountain every time we passed it. It's outside the main entrance, near the front of the gift shop."

All decked out

By the railroad

caption from Granddad: "Joey put his hat on my head. He was very fascinated with my "Honorary Citizen of Disneyland" button (which the conductor gave me for telling a bad pun on the horse-drawn carriage, along with three "1st Visit" buttons)."

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