Friday, October 8, 2010

Just a written Joey update

He has three places to sleep (not counting in our bed, where he mysteriously ends up many mornings): in his top bunk, in his bottom bunk, and in his sleeping bag on the floor. It's a mystery to figure out where he is each night until I see him sprawled out wherever it is. He's a lucky kid, huh? How many kids have the choice of four places to spend their nights? He naps in his sleeping bag on the floor of the hallways between our bedrooms, because it's dark there.

He's doing a lot better with the eating of meat. He's suddenly become a lot more willing to consume things that were outright refused - and even enjoy them. "Hey, I kinda like this!" has become a common phrase at the dinner table. Also, "I don't want to sit here all night," but that's uttered by myself and his father, since he takes 3-4 weeks to eat each meal. ;)

He's starting to become very interested in spelling, though not really putting it together yet with written letters or words to figure out reading. I know that will come in time. =) He CAN write his own name, and he can write most other letters if directed. He can recognize all written uppercase letters and it starting to learn lowercase.

He has suddenly started to draw things that LOOK LIKE things. It was scribble, scribble, scribble, forever, and then it's like one day a switch flipped and he was drawing dinosaurs. With teeth. And hair! And really long tails! (But then you saw evidence from my recent post of his drawn picture for Robin).

Speaking of dinosaurs, they are his obsession. He is so interested in the name of every dinosaur and could probably rattle off thirty or more names of them for you. He wants to know what they eat (he wants to know what every living thing eats - and even has asked what ghosts eat. This becomes amusing when he asks, say, what the lead singer of Foo Fighters eats. Or what a pirate eats.)

His favorite color is green. He likes light green better than dark green. When he notices something is green, it's not only green, it's "green-my-favorite-color!"

He is becoming quite adept at not only taking care of himself in many ways, but in helping out. He can put his dishes in the dishwasher, go to the bathroom and wash his hands alone (if it's pee - we're working on poo!), get himself a cup of water, brush his teeth, buckle the top half of his carseat, pick clothes and get dressed, play/entertain himself for quite some time, get paper towel for Lili's spit-up, take a shower alone, put the fan away and turn it off after nap time...

I'm so impressed with my kid and how he's growing. Every day he impresses me with some achievement or some emotional display. The little guy is completely in love with his sister and generous with affection for me and his daddy as well. And, despite all the changes that I appreciate, I'm in no hurry for him to grow up - he may have said it best (in a discussion about who can drink alcohol): "I don't want to get bigger to 21 yet! I want to be 3 until I am 4 and stay little for a long time!"

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