Wednesday, February 9, 2011

9 months old today


Happy 9 months Lili!

9 months of nursing (and counting!)

At 9 months, Lili:
  • Does not yet crawl but is working on it very hard (and gets so frustrated, poor thing)
  • Eats everything put in front of her and especially likes things she can hold and put in her mouth herself (favorites include blueberries, chicken, black beans, pieces of cereal)
  • Is getting very good at the pincer grasp (thumb/forefinger pinch)
  • Loves to stand while holding hands or holding whatever she's near but can't pull herself up yet
  • Sits like an expert
  • Waves and says something that sounds like "hi"
  • Says "Mama" or "mamama" or such, and is working on the "dada" sounds - seems to associate these with the people
  • Definitely knows and responds to her name
  • Naps 1-3 times per day, seems to average about twice a day
  • Is in the 30th percentile for height and 10th for weight but growing and staying on her growth curve and is very healthy
  • Is very cute and sweet and friendly with smiles but also shy and clingy to Mama
  • Loves her brother and is excited to see him again when he's been away (such as at preschool)
  • Also is excited to see her Daddy when he comes home from work
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