Thursday, April 14, 2011

Some cute pictures

Joey wanted to feed Lili, so he pushed the other table chair out of the way and then pulled her high chair over next to his chair. Then he got out some blueberry-flavored craisins (dried cranberries), and offered her some. She was happy to take them from him, she really likes them and really loves interacting with her big brother. Speaking of which, recently Lili was being babysat by a family friend, and she was having a little bit of a hard time with being away from Mama - but whenever she saw Joey, she cheered up a bit. He would come over and talk to her or give her a kiss and she had an easier time. I am so grateful that my children have each other.

This was a case of me getting the camera out too late to catch the picture I wanted to. Lili was standing holding the back of the vacuum cleaner, and I thought it made a very funny picture. Of course, as soon as she saw me squatting nearby, she'd rather be closer to me instead of hanging on to a silly vacuum cleaner any more, so she came crawling towards me.

Smiling. =)

Here, that sweet little foot makes yet another appearance.

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