Tuesday, July 19, 2011

signs and Joey news!

Lili has been making the sign for "more" by using her left index finger to point vigorously at her right open palm. (This is how it is done in American Sign Language, which is what I attempted to teach her.) She uses this sign when she wants to eat more of something, but sometimes she uses it to mean she is hungry, or she wants to eat something different than what she is being offered.

She can sign "milk" correctly (opening and closing one hand) but often she will use both hands. She uses this to mean she wants to nurse, but sometimes it means she wants a cup of water or cow milk, and sometimes it means she just needs her mama to pick her up and hold her.

Exciting Joey news! Joey can now recognize dozens of words well enough to read simple books and signs he sees!!! He guesses at many words based on seeing some of the letters and is sometimes incorrect but keeps trying. He doesn't try to sound words out yet, he mostly knows what he recognizes from seeing before, and sometimes context or pictures help. I am so proud of him!

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