Sunday, September 11, 2011

Animals & bellybuttons

Lili has been learning what sounds animals make. According to Lili here are what some animals say:

Dog - oof fff
Cat - ow
Bear/dinosaur - chhhh
Fish - mouth opening and closing
Any other random animal like birds or pigs or sheep - ob ob ob

A few nights ago Lili was getting ready to nurse to sleep. She began but stopped about ten seconds in to do the fish noise, then resumed. It was very cute!


Lili has come to find a lot of comfort in bellybuttons, whether mine or her own. Sometimes as she is nursing to sleep she makes sure my bellybutton is in arm's reach and seems settled once she finds it. Sometimes when she is just falling asleep and a little bit restless, she finds her own bellybutton and seems more peaceful. I'm not sure why this is so comforting to her, but it works so well that I certainly can't argue with it!

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