Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Fall Day

Today, after Joey's swimming lesson, we drove to a farm where we washed apples, then pressed them for apple cider.

The apples were scrubbed by John in a bleach solution, then Joey helped with rinsing them with water.

Lili and I watched, and when Joey got tired of rinsing, I helped a bit.

The apples then went slowly into the hopper, where they were ground up.

Then John pressed them

Lots of cider came out!

After the cider was safely in our car, we walked across the farm through the mud and rain to the pumpkin patch.

Maybe Joey thought you're supposed to kick pumpkins like a person kicks tires to test a car?

Lili just would not keep her hood on - luckily I had the umbrella in the car so she didn't get too wet

Joey was excited about the pumpkins we picked out for him and for Lili

After getting the pumpkins as well as some carrots from the farm store, we went to lunch at Southern Kitchen. Afterwards we were all stuffed! We drove home for a nap and some quiet time.

After dinner this evening, we boiled the cider (because it's raw cider and recommended to boil for consumption by children) and then had some tasty warm cider before refrigerating the rest.

By the way, this is the same farm we went to last year. I cannot believe how much bigger Joey seems than just a year ago! It was rainy and muddy last year too!

Look at little Joey in October 2010:

And of course little Lili was even smaller... she was less than 6 months old!

I also notice John was wearing the same sweater, jeans, and shoes last year ;)

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