Friday, March 15, 2013

Joey, my heart

Joey: Mama, do you know what I love best about you? You love to snuggle and you love to snuggle me. And I will always love that.
Me: you remember that! Even when you are big!
Joey: I will! I will always want to snuggle my Mama!
Me: even when you are Daddy size?
Joey: yes! Even when you are dead I will remember and I will want to snuggle you.
Me: (a tear rolls down my cheek) Joey, whatever part of me is left after I am dead will be snuggling you. You just may not be able to feel it.
Joey: I will, Mama, I will know that you are.
Me: I think Mimi snuggles me sometimes.
Joey: yes. And I think Granddad's dad would like to see me.
Me: yes, he would be very proud to have a great grandson named Joseph like he was. I think he would snuggle you too. And Mimi, because she always loved babies and kids so much, she would adore you.
Joey: I think Mimi snuggles us both! And Lili!
Me: I think so too.

Then Joey and I shared and extra special hug and I had to wipe both eyes.

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