Monday, April 22, 2013

The last time

We never know when the last time is, do we? Apparently it has already happened. (Thursday, May 18, 2013). Would I have done things differently? Treasured the time, somehow? Made more eye contact, etched every second in my memory? Cried? Made sure to tell her significant, important things about how grown up she is becoming and already is?
I had kind of hoped she would be three, because that would be neat to be able to say, but we got close, just a few weeks in front of that date...and it is not about a number, it is about deciding when we are both ready to be done. And she was ready. In most ways, I was too, and it is mostly about her anyway. So the time was right. I should be happy but it is bittersweet. This phase is over. The next begins.

My total.... 5+ years
Per kid.... 2+ years

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