Thursday, August 29, 2013

Almost the first day of first grade

Here is Joey sitting at his new desk in his new classroom at his new school. He chose the green (still his favorite color) playdough for his desk from a basket full of many color choices. His desk is nicely filled with school supplies, and he has contributed to the classwide basket: Kleenex, baby wipes, antibacterial gel, a box of crayons, some sharpened pencils. His desk has his new binder, some pencils and crayons, dry erase markers, a folder, a highlighter, an eraser, some gluesticks. I love back to school shopping! On Tuesday, he will bring a water bottle, a dry erase eraser, two photos of himself, his backpack and lunch.
Joey will have music twice a week, PE twice a week, and library once a week, in addition to his regular studies. There are some really neat clubs and after school activities he can join. He will try out Boy Scouts, and is already signed up for soccer (with John as his coach! Joey is so excited to have his daddy coaching!)

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