Saturday, July 5, 2014

Saturday morning reading

Joey and Lili got new books at our local awesome independent bookstore yesterday.

They were having a summer reading program divides up by grade level. All levels had the requirement of reading 6 books, at least 3 on a list at the store, and then getting a reward. Joey and I looked at the list for K-2nd grade and saw that all the books were "first reading" type of books and would not at all be a challenge for Joey. We together decided he would do the program for 3-5th grade. He chose as his first book, a book called "A Tale Dark and Grimm" that is 256 pages long. Since starting yesterday he is today on page 86 (and still engrossed!)

Lili is enjoying her Wreck-It Ralph book and has tucked herself in on the couch to look at the pictures. I am about to read it to her.

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