Sunday, October 5, 2014

My little assistant chef

Whenever I am baking, Lili asks how she can help and if she can't actually help (heat, sharp knives required), if she can be on her chair to watch or perhaps hold my forearm or wrist to "help" me stir or cut. Tonight, when I was making brownies, she asked to help, and I said I didn't know if she should since it was mostly going to happen on the stove. She asked if she could at least be in her chair to watch, and if she could dump in the chocolate, flour, vanilla, etc. I said sure, so she pulled her chair over, climbed up, and as I was measuring the flour as the butter and sugar heated up, she carefully began to stir it and said, "Mama, I am just going to move it around, OK?" She was so careful that I allowed her to continue. Then she dumped in the chocolate chips and stirred, stirred the eggs in (holding my forearm as I cracked and dropped them in), and stirred in the flour. When I told her the mixture had to be stirred until all the flour was blended ('til we can't see white any more), she said, "That's crazy, Mama!"
When I gave her the spoon to lick as I used a rubber scraper to get the batter in the pan, she said, "Oh, thank you so much, Mama." I said, "the helper always gets to taste. It pays to be the helper, doesn't it?" And she said, "I always like to help!"

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