Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Something positive

This morning as I drove Lili to her summer camp, I said, "Lili! Today is going to be a great day!" She replied, "Yes! It is!"
I love that! I love that she is happy with her summer camp, and I love that she looks forward to the day ahead with a great attitude.
This morning she asked to wear "our" necklace (a necklace of mine that I've let her wear several times) and she was very happy and proud to wear it to school. Today we are both wearing black and white dresses and a necklace with a blue pendant, and she was really happy and excited that we match.

Today, Joey is at cub scouts summer day camp, and he's been having a great time there. He built a catapult out of wood and has been flinging things happily, including dog treats for Louise to catch. He also has made a backpack, and a small shield, and a wooden sword (the theme is Knights in Shining Armor). This week he does 3 days of day camp; next weekend he goes to overnight camp with John for 4 days. I love that he has these activities that he enjoys so much!

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