Monday, December 5, 2016


I'm so proud of my awesome kids ❤

This morning, Lili was chosen by the school principal to recite the pledge of allegiance for the whole school in the morning announcements!

Lili also found out today that she's jumped to level J in reading (she was level C at the beginning of the school year! Wow!)

Joey had a math test that he got back last week on which he scored 105% because he answered a bonus question and got the whole test correct!

Joey watched me counting my change today to try to make $1 and ran into his room, grabbed $1 of his allowance, and pressed it into my hand, insisting I could pay him back later. He actually tried to give me $2 but I only needed $1.

Joey has been planning and cooking dinner about once per week!

What great little people Joey and Lili are. 💙

P.S. check out Lili in a handstand at gymnastics last Saturday! Super strong, capable girl!

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