Thursday, December 12, 2013

Happy SEVENTH birthday to sweet, awesome Joey!

Joey is such a sweet kid. He loves to play soccer and toss a football with his Daddy. He is an excellent reader (very capable with chapter books and still loves to be read to). He enjoys cooking with Mama. He excels with coloring and drawing and is very creative, and enjoys building Legos. He still likes dinosaurs and has started enjoying "scary" things (goosebumps books, Scooby Doo, etc.) He loves superheroes and Star Wars (though he still hasn't seen the movies). He has just figured out how to trill/roll his Rs, which is something neither of his parents can do. He is gentle and generous with his sister in between terrorizing her (it's mutual! both the kindness and the terrorizing). He loves to snuggle with his parents. He has friends everywhere he goes because he is very easy to get along with, though much more shy with adults than kids.

Here are some pictures of Joey on or close to his birthday...

A retrospective:

Just born, December 12, 2006

One year old, December 2007

Two years old, 2008

Three years old, in his new bunk bed! 2009

Four years old, halfway through a cookie, with a semi new sister, 2010

Five, at his super hero themed birthday party, 2011

Joey's sixth birthday party at Chuck E Cheese's, 2012

Today: Joey is SEVEN and wanted to hold his kitty and stand with his sister, December 12, 2013

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