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Interview with Joey, Lili and Louise - Aug 2016

Three years ago, I interviewed Joey and Lili. ( Three years ago, I interviewed them together and they had a lot of the same answers. Within the last few days, I interviewed Louise (our 16 year old exchange student from France), and then today I interviewed Joey and Lili - all three separately. Here are the newest answers:

Aug 4, 2016 (Louise); Aug 8 (Joey & Lili)

1. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Joey: A cook for a restaurant

Lili: can I say two things? because I really wanna be a ballet dancer and I really
want to be a teacher... and a nurse

Louise: a translator

2. What are you most proud of?
Lili: when I do really good stuff like cleaning my room without even complaining

Joey: being a big brother

Louise: I am proud of what I did to come to the United States alone, without my

3. What is your favorite movie?
Joey: Star Wars, so far

Lili: Madagascar

Louise: Mamma Mia

4. What is your favorite book?
Joey: that's a hard one... Wings of Fire: The Lost Heir

Lili: The Neverending Story

Louise: Alex Ryder by Anthony Horowitz

5. How would you describe your style?
Lili: cool

Joey: fancy, and also atheletic

Louise: comfortable clothes

6. What is your favorite animal?
Joey: wolf

Lili: I would say doggie

Louise: giraffe

7. What makes something fair?
Lili: by treating someone how they treat you

Joey: if two things are even, if you're given an even amount of things, or each get 
like the same size of something - like you could get 2 gifts, but they're the same 
size as one big gift that's specialer

Louise: if this is what you need - not what everyone has but what you need

8. What is your favorite meal?
Lili: Thanksgiving meal

Joey: that's a hard one...Mimi's casserole, garlic bread & salad

Louise: hamburgers

9. What is love?
Lili: people ... like... hugs and kisses, that is love

Joey: it's when two people like each other a lot with their hearts, being kind to 
people and stuff, like a family has a group of love because they have fun together 
and and eat meals together

Louise: I don't know

10. If you were on an island and could only bring three things, what would they be?
Joey: family, food, water

Lili: food (which includes water), clothes, some books

Louise: water, food, book

11. What is your favorite word?
Joey: "blue lightning"

Lili: "Emilie"

Louise: "though" - this is a word I didn't know before coming here but came to 
understand by myself

12. What makes you want to be someone's friend?
Joey: if they are kind to me, if they are nice to other people not just me, if they 
are fun to be with, if don't exclude people, if they're not like a bully, if they're 
a good person

Lili: when they be nice to me

Louise: this person must be kind, honest, and weird

13. What is your favorite sport?
Joey: soccer

Lili: gymnastics and ballet

Louise: tennis

14. What is your favorite place to travel?
Joey: Florida

Lili: What is it called, the place you were born? California, because I really want 
to be to California

Louise: somewhere where there is water near where I am

15. What is the best thing about your family?
Joey: they're all kind and nice and friendly and loving, fun to be with

Lili: that they love each other, and that they're kind (sometimes - but they always 
love each other)

Louise: if there is a problem, we talk

16. What is the hardest thing about your life?
Joey: I don't know

Lili: having to be with people who don't really like me

Louise: because I am shy I can't always do what I want to do

17. What makes you strong?
Joey: my friends, my family, my soccer/baseball coaches

Lili: when I do strong things which are sometimes being strong and helping my brother do the dishes sometimes and clean his room sometimes!

Louise: I want people to respect me

18: What three words would you use to describe yourself?
Joey: kind (most of the time), athletic, good writer/artist

Lili: kind, loving, friendship

Louise: shy, calm, open-minded

19. What place makes you happiest?
Lili: when I get to see the chickens by myself and just look at them

Joey: home

Louise: a bookstore

20. What is your favorite color?
Lili: turquoise

Joey: green

Louise: blue; turquoise

21. What makes you like a teacher?
Joey: I'm smart and I'm good at using words in sentence so I can explain things well to children, also I am thoughtful, I'm strict but not too strict and I don't yell too 
much (answering how he is teacher-like).... (now answering what he likes about his
3rd grade teacher): she is kind, she is able to explain things very well like me, and 
she is smart and spends money to get books for our classroom, and brings her dog in for us to play with sometimes, gives us free choice time on Fridays, she's fun to be with, gets us crayfish... she is loving, she takes care of people really nicely 

Lili: when I taught my teacher how to play Mancala

Louise: he or she knows how to teach because she (or he) likes the subject, and he doesn't need to yell or shout to have a quiet class 

22. What is your favorite family tradition?
Joey: on road trips we play fun games; we eat spaghetti every Christmas which is really nice, because sometimes it's Mimi's casserole and I really like Mimi's casserole

Lili: going to candy shops

Louise: spending some part of the vacation together

23. If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?
Joey: no tomatoes

Lili: criminals - like to stop them and not let them do it.

Louise: the big difference between the rich part and the poor part of the world

24. What is the difference between boys and girls?
Lili: they have different private parts. boys don't really wear dresses. boys
probably don't wear long skirts like you. boys are cooler - I mean handomer - than 
girls, but girls are cooler. 

Joey: different body parts, most girls have longer hair (it's the truth) and boys 
mostly have shorter hair most of the time. women most of the time wear dresses or 
skirts and bras, and men mostly wear a teeshirt, shorts, jeans, pants, athletic 
pants. men are stronger than women.

Louise: I think most of the girls like to gossip and boys talk when there is a problem

25. If you could ask your mama and daddy one question, what would it be?
Joey: if they could make my sister act a little bit better

Lili: if we could go to a candy shop and get all the candy that they had.

Louise: how are you doing?

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